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CAPER Consulting - Julie Brand Presentations
Serious subjects...Positive perspectives

Workshop : “The Best Kept Secret: Mother-Daughter Sexual Abuse”
Our culture denies that mothers can be sexual abuse perpetrators. Mother-daughter sexual abuse is especially under-recognized, under-researched and under-reported. This dynamic workshop describes the complex mother-daughter incestuous relationship: the subtle violations of normal mother-child boundaries, covert and overt abuse and the psychological manipulations used to silence victims. Attendees will learn intervention and prevention strategies for including mothers as potential perpetrators. Six therapeutic issues for victim recovery will be discussed. The presenter is both an experienced school counselor and a resilient survivor of maternal abuse.

  • One and one-half hour format or
  • Three-hour special session or pre-conference format
    (includes discussion of mother-son incest)
  • For audiences of 50 to 200 people

Workshop: “Resiliency 101: From Victim to Survivor”
Although some victims of childhood abuse will repeat the cycle of violence in adulthood, many others grow to be safe, healthy, happy adults. This workshop identifies the steps critical to becoming a resilient survivor—steps that help a victim to overcome trauma and to develop a “survivor’s perspective.” Attendees will learn the obstacles to recovery, how to address them and how to use the “language of resiliency” to reinforce victims’ strengths. The presenter is both an experienced counselor and a resilient survivor of maternal sexual abuse.

  • One and one-half hour format
  • For audiences of 50 to 200 people

Workshop: “A Close-up Look at Female Sex Offenders in Positions of Trust”
We have been slow to acknowledge that some females, working in “positions of trust,” sexually abuse children. This workshop examines recent cases of female teachers found guilty of child sexual abuse, explores the dynamics of their teacher-student relationships and looks at ways that the gender of the perpetrator impacts disclosure, public response and sentencing. An interview with a convicted female sex offender (conducted Oct. 2011) offers unique insights into the phenomenon of teacher-adolescent sexual abuse. Participants will learn proactive strategies for possible prevention and earlier intervention.

  • One and one-half hour format
  • For audiences of 50 to 200 people

A full-day training, including all three programs—maternal abuse (three hour program), female offenders and resiliency, is an increasingly popular choice.

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