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Behind the Façade: Exposing Female Sex Offenders and Helping Abuse Victims to Heal

A Mother’s Touch: Surviving Mother-Daughter Sexual Abuse
CAPER Consulting - Child Abuse Prevention, Education and Recovery - Julie Brand
Julie A. Brand, M.S.

Julie A. Brand, M.S.

Semi-retired and living in Nevada, Julie devotes much of her time to Caper Consulting and to on-going resiliency research.

CAPER Consulting: Child Abuse Prevention and Recovery

In the United States we are reluctant to acknowledge that females ever molest children. Mother-daughter sexual abuse, especially, is under-recognized, under-researched and under-reported.

Julie Brand holds a Master’s degree in Counseling and enjoyed a distinguished 25-year career as a school counselor. Now she uses her unique perspective as both counselor and survivor, to speak about females who sexually abuse children. She combines research data, professional insights, survivors’ histories and her personal experiences to enlighten audiences about the reality of mother-daughter sexual abuse.

Since founding CAPER Consulting (Child Abuse Prevention, Education and Recovery) in 2006, Julie has educated and empowered audiences across the United States with her dynamic programs on:

  1. Mother-daughter sexual abuse,
  2. Female offenders in positions of trust,
  3. Male survivors, and
  4. Opportunities for resilient recovery from childhood trauma.

She authored A Mother’s Touch: Surviving Mother-Daughter Sexual Abuse (2007), participated in a Canadian documentary on maternal incest (2013) and has testified in criminal court as an expert witness on mother-daughter sexual abuse (2017)

In 2017, she launched her newest workshop, “What About Our Boys? Understanding the Challenges Facing Male Victims of Sexual Abuse and Assault.” In 2018, she assisted CIR (Center for Innovation and Resources) develop a brochure, “Considerations for Serving Male Victims of Sexual Assault and Abuse, A Resource for Service Providers,” as part of the Underserved Populations Training project. She is the recipient of the NCFM (National Coalition for Men) “2019 Award of Honor” for her work advocating for male victims of sexual abuse. Julie’s upbeat presentations focus on the power of resiliency and healing in all of our lives.

She has just completed a new book, Behind the Façade: Exposing Female Sex Offenders and Helping Victims to Heal. It is a research-based, case-supported and survivor-informed testimony to how far we have come and how far we yet have to go in addressing these issues. Trafford Publishing, October 2021 The book is available on Amazon.com .

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